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EM Sample Preparation Lab


The sample preparation lab in Room 184 of the Moore Building is available to trained users and features the following equipment.

  • Gatan Precision Ion Polishing System II Model 695
    • •Variable ion energy from 0.1 – 8.0 kV
    • LN2 specimen cooling
    • Digital zoom microscope
  • Gatan Dimpler Model 656
    • Provides a mechanical grinding technique for quickly producing a thin central region (< 10µm) in a disc while leaving a thick supporting rim for handling the sample
  • South Bay Technology Model 360 rotary disk cutter
  • South Bay Technology Model 650 slow speed saw
  • Nikon LV100D optical microscope with image capture
  • Buehler polisher/grinders, heaters, small optical microscopes

Contact Information

Ann Marshall
office: (650) 723-3572; lab: (650) 725-4684

Ai Leen Koh
office: (650) 723-1686; lab: (650) 723-1575

Getting Started

In order to become a qualified user on the tool, you need to follow each of these steps in the order as listed here: