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SNSF: Nanofabrication


The Spilker Building is home to two class 100 cleanrooms:

Cleanroom Facilities Locations
Nanopatterning Cleanroom Spilker Basement
Flexible Cleanroom Spilker 1st floor


A range of equipment and capabilities exists in each of the cleanrooms. The following lists the major tools available:
Instrument Location  
e-beam: JEOL 6300-FS Nanopatterning Cleanroom 650-723-8586
e-beam/SEM: FEI Nova Nanopatterning Cleanroom 650-723-8587
deposition: KJL Evaporator Nanopatterning Cleanroom  
deposition: Oerlikon Univex Sputter Flexible Cleanroom  
deposition: Big Evaporator - Service Flexible Cleanroom  
deposition: Small Evaporator - Service Flexible Cleanroom  
milling: Intlvac Ion Mill Flexible Cleanroom  
RIE: Oxford PlasmaPro 80 Nanopatterning Cleanroom  
Profilometer: KLA Tencor Alpha Step D-500 Flexible Cleanroom  
Westbond Wirebonder Spilker 008  
3D Printer Spilker 008  
Microfab Shop Flexible Cleanroom