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Intlvac Ion Beam Mill Etcher


The Intlvac Nanoquest Research Ion Beam Milling System is a Versatile R&D platform. The ion beam processing is a controllable thin film etching technique with independent control of ion energy, ion current density, and incidence angle. Designed as a general purpose R&D tool, the Nanoquest I is capable of performing processes ranging from a simple etch to multi-angle, utilizing substrate rotation and substrate offset to achieve a superior etch. The Nanoquest System combines a 4 inch water-cooled, rotating stage, a Kaufman ion source, an easily accessible stainless steel vacuum chamber with Turbo Molecular pumping.

Contact Information:

Cliff Knollenberg

Cognizant Faculty Advisor

David Goldhaber-Gordon


Research Examples

Fabrication of 1 um Hall bars of HgTe quantum wells to study QSHE; Ebeam Lithography: Raith 150 at SNF; Etching: Intlvac Ion Mill using a Ti mask; Characterization: FEI Nova SEM and Park XE-70 AFM. Credit: Reyes Calvo (Goldhaber-Gordon Group, Stanford)


Getting Started

In order to become a qualified user on the tool, you need to follow each of these steps in the order as listed here: