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FEI Nova NanoSEM 450 Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)


The FEI Nova NanoSEM line of SEMs provides high-quality nanoscale research tools for a variety of applications that involve sample characterization, analysis, nanoprototyping, and S/TEM sample preparation. More samples, including the most non-conducting or contaminating materials, can equally be characterized or analyzed in the Nova NanoSEM 50 series, using its unique low vacuum capabilities. Characterization in low vacuum extends all the way up to ultra-high resolution, thanks to FEI's Helix detector technology. Small and large samples can easily be accommodated inside the large chamber, on the Nova NanoSEM's high precision, high stability stages. In addition, a high definition camera and a correlative navigation unit help to find and move to the right region of interest in no time. For nanoprototyping, the Nova NanoSEM 50 series offers the most extensive set of integrated tools, including a 16-bit on-board digital pattern generator and dedicated patterning software, a high speed electrostatic beam blanker and gas injection systems for direct electron beam writing of nanostructures. The Nova NanoSEM 450's sample stage features a 100 x 100 mm range of movement.

Contact Information

Cliff Knollenberg


Research Examples

Photonic crystal laser with 276 nm wide electrode. Image courtesy taken from Altamash Janjua, PhD thesis (2012). - Prof. Harris Group, Stanford


Getting Started

In order to become a qualified user on the tool, you need to follow each of these steps in the order as listed: