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PESA: Riken AC-2 Photoelectron Spectrometer


The model AC-2 from Riken Instruments is a Photo-Electron Spectroscopy in Air” (PESA) system which measures the Work Function of the sample surface.  PESA is used for studies of organic electronic devices such as Photocopiers, Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED), Organic transistors, Dye-sensitized solar cells and Organic solar cells.

A PESA measurement is carried out as follows: UV photons emitted from a deuterium lamp are monochromated by a grating spectrometer and focused on a sample. Then, photoelectrons emitted from the sample are counted by an open counter.

The AC-2, PESA system, does not require vacuum system or electron energy spectrometer. As a result, this system is small in size (table top type), easy to use and has a very fast measurement time (about 5 minutes per sample).

Key Features

  • Atmospheric pressure operation
  • Estimate work function, ionization potential, density of states (DOS)
  • Measure thickness of thin films on the material surface (less than 20 nano-meters)


Contact Information

Chuck Hitzman
(650) 498-5860


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Getting Started

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