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Frequently Asked Questions


Badger Lab Management System

  1. When creating my SNSF badger account, which lab should I choose?
    1. For “Lab”, you may choose any lab among SNC, SNL and SMF, they all fall under the big umbrella of SNSF
  2. How do I reset my password?
    1. When opening up the Badger software, you will see an icon at the bottom of the window for “Lost Password?”. Click the icon and follow the procedures to have an auto-generated password sent to your email account with instructions on how reset your password.
  3. I already have a SNF badger account, do I need to create a SNSF badger account?
    1. Yes, (it can be a bit confusing), SNF and SNSF are 2 different organizations. Also remember that you will need to install a separate Badger application for each of those labs.
  4. How do I replace my PTA on my SNSF Badger Account?
    1. Internal users: complete SNSF Access authorization form
    2. External users: please send email to
  5. I recently tried logging into my SNSF Badger account and I got a message that I am not an active user. What do I need to do?
    1. Your account was probably inactivated due to expired authorization. There is a good chance that you have received an email from us about this, so check for this first for instructions.
    2. Internal users: complete SNSF Access authorization form
  6. How do I reinstate my SNSF Badger Account?
    1. Internal users: complete SNSF Access authorization form
  7. How can I create an SNSF badger account?
    1. Make sure that you have completed all the necessary training and submitted all forms as detailed in "Join SNSF" before you follow the instructions for creating a Badger software account.
    2. Instructions for creating an SNSF Badger account:
  8. My organization doesn't allow me to install the Badger lab software on my computer. What can I do?
    1. You can use a personal computer that doesn't have these restrictions. We also have a few terminals around our facilities that you can use when you are on site. Please let us know if you need help locating these.
  9. I updated the Badger application but it still asks me to update everytime I open it. How can I fix this?
      1. This is a known issue that the update doesn't stay. You will need to remove and reinstall Badger from scratch (see previous FAQ).
      2. After reinstalling you will be good until the Badger server releases a new update (2-3 times per year)
  10. How do I reinstall the Badger application?
    1. On a Windows PC, press the "Win-key" and "R" at the same time to bring up the run prompt
    2. Enter "javaws -viewer" and press "OK"
    3. This will bring up the list of installed java applications.
    4. Select the "Badger-SNC" application and click on the "Remove" button to complete the uninstall of the Badger application.
    5. Close all Java windows
    6. Follow the instructions to install the Badger application at
  11. How can I make the Badger application use larger fonts?
    1. Windows
      1. Right click on the "Badger-SNSF" icon
      2. select "Properties"
      3. select the "Compatibility" tab
      4. Check "Override high DPI scaling behavior"
      5. Choose "System" for "Scaling performed by:"


  1. How do I obtain Building/Lab Access?
    1. Please contact the Lab manager, he/she will coordinate with the building manager to grant you access to building and lab, which include after-hour and weekend access.
  2. Whom should I contact for Lab training?
    1. Training on equipment or facilities is performed through our staff. You will find detailed instructions for each on the respective equipment website. Make sure that you follow all instructions in order.
  3. I am already an authorized user at the Soft & Hybrid Materials Facility (SMF). Can I access other tools under SNC and/or SNL? 
    1. Yes, you may get trained and use any of the tools and resource listed under the SNSF umbrella organization.
  4. Our company/other external organization already has an agreement in place and a financial account set up. Can I add another user to this and have him/her use the lab?
    1. Yes. Just complete another "Exhibit A" from the agreement and return to us for processing.