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Badger New Member Instructions

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This describes the process for creating a Badger account to reserve and enable equipment. Upon filling out the New Member tab, your account will be reviewed. The review takes between 1-3 business days. You will be notified upon approval of your account. Please follow the instructions below so that all fields are completed correctly in order to avoid delays in processing.

Form Instructions

  • click on the "New Member?" button to start the registration
  • complete all required fields. Most of the form is intuitive. A few fields are explained below.
  • Note:
    • Email
      • Stanford internal: Use your Stanford email:
      • External Users: Your Stanford account is not a valid email account. Make sure to use your external email, like:
    • University ID
      • Stanford internal: number on your Stanford ID - exclude the leading zero
      • External Users: Enter "1"
    • Account
      • This must be a valid Stanford PTA. See the format below. Do not complete this form until you have a valid PTA. External usersneed to wait until they get their PTA issues within the member sign-up process before completing the form.
    • Advisor
      • External Users: Enter your affiliation/company name
  • click "Set Password" to proceed
  • Your account will then be reviewed and you will receive a notification when your account has been set up


Any issues or comments regarding the Badger system can be sent to, phone: 650-725-2296