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Badger News

1-July-2013: SNC/SNL & SNF Badger server separation is completed - Need to download new application!

Separate instances for Badger Lab Management Software are now up and running. You need to download the new SNC/SNL Badger application in order to use the equipment. The new SNC/SNL application can be found at:


Your username and password will still work with the new application. For more information on Badger refer to:

Please let us know if you have any issues with the SNC/SNL application. Send email to the following list:,,


IMPORTANT: If in addition to having an SNC/SNL account, you have also signed up separatley with SNF, you will need to access a second instance of Badger for access to the SNF equipment. The new SNF Badger application can be found at:




21-June-2013: SNF splits from SNC/SNL Badger Server on July 1st!

With the Badger implementation in SNF in January 2013, there have been major challenges in accounting and operating our facilities. In an effort to address these challenges, we will be separating the Badger servers, resulting in separate servers to run SNF and SNC/SNL.

What does this means to you? As a current lab member with an active Badger account, you will need to re-install Badger with the new link specific to the lab you are a member of. We will provide this link to you to run the SNF application as well as the SNC/SNL application on July 1st. If you are a member of both labs, you will need to have two different links on your computer.

The plan is to officially split the servers on July 1st at 12:00:01am.

Please note, that this will not impact any activity you will be doing. If you enable a tool at 11:30pm on June 30, you will need to disable in the new instance. Your Badger history and data will transfer over.

You, the user, will receive instructions in the next week of action steps to take. Please note, the new link we will provide to you will not be effective until July 1st after midnight!

This new instance of Badger will be clearly labeled SNF Badger and SNC Badger and will only access that labs tools and PTA’s.


SNC/SNL/SNF Lab Management Staff