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SNSF Operations Status

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This page is a guide to a general overview of SNSF operations. In addition to this general overview, please check the lab management system as well as other communication from our staff regarding tool specific updates.

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Current Status

SNSF currently operates at:

Core Instrumentation Staff
NanoFab 2 2
EIM 2 2
XSA 2 2
SMF 2 2
Administration   2

The notation for cores follows our organization of instruments as displayed on our equipment pages and rate pages.

Stanford University follows a staged plan to resume research activity.  Please refer to the Stanford University COVID-19 Research Restart Plan.

Details for Operations Stages


Stage Overview Examples
1 Normal Operations  
2 Normal Operations with Precautions
  • COVID-19 procedures in place
  • expect interruptions to availability of instruments
  • limited training & consulting > check with staff
3 Limited Operations
  • expect more interruptions to availability of instruments
  • usage by trained and fully qualified users only
  • remote training available on select instruments > check with staff
4 Limited Operations
  • usage for special projects only
5 Stand by
  • instruments not available to users
  • full instrument operations can generally quickly restored when needed
6 Shut down
  • instruments not available to users
  • instruments completely shut off
  • expect longer delays in bringing up instruments due to various factors (damage to sensitive components, vacuum degradation, etc.)


Stage Overview Examples
1 Normal Operations  
2 Normal Operations with some Precautions
  • enhanced cleaning of common surfaces
  • suspension of seminars and larger gatherings
  • on-campus staffing reductions
  • Administrative staff: mostly off campus
3 Limited support
  • suspension of in-person trainings/consultation
  • on-campus activity of staff limited
4 Reduced Staffing
  • alternate staffing schedule for instrument/facility support
  • majority of staff members off campus
5 Skeleton Staffing
  • access only by a very limited number of SNSF staff
6 Shut down
  • no SNSF staff allowed