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Bio/Medical Mini Seed Grants


Source of funds: Stanford Nano Shared Facilities (SNSF)

Overview: The objective of the Bio/Medical Mini Seed Grants for the SNSF is to encourage new users and new methodologies within the SNSF. Much of the groundbreaking research happens where different fields, technology and knowledge come together. SNSF is particularly interested in:
- supporting the application of our existing toolset to bio/medical research areas
- development of new techniques with our existing tool base to advance bio/medical research

Some of the existing tools available at the facilities include TEM, SEM, FIB, NanoSIMS, Raman, AFM, XPS, Auger, XRD, e-beam lithography, DSC, DLS etc. For a complete list of tools, capabilities, lab manager contact information and rate information refer to

Eligibility: Stanford University faculty holding University, Research, or Medical Center line positions. Preference will be given to new users of the Nano Shared Facilities.

Selection: For consideration, a brief description (2 pages max) of the proposed project along with an estimate of the facility resources needed to carry out the proposed work should be submitted to

Budget: Funds can only be requested for expenses incurred at the SNSF facilities. Examples of eligible expenses are instrument usage; training charges for graduate student or postdoc equipment training; SNSF staff assistance for instrument usage. Maximum request up to $5,000, usually $2,000 - $3,000 in direct cost. For a complete list of services and rates refer to the SNSF rate chart. Funds need to be spent within 6 months of the award date. Note: Funds are very limited due to FY funding shortfall. Please briefly discuss with us before submitting your proposal.

Deadline: Proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis as funds permit. Awards will be made after consideration of the proposal by an internal selection committee. A funding decision can be expected within 4 weeks after submission of the proposal.

Reporting: A brief report is expected after close of award. The report can be a short description of activities accomplished at SNSF and can be submitted as a word document or a powerpoint slide.


With questions about the Seed Grants, please contact Tobi Beetz