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SEM Fischione Model 1061 Ion Mill

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The instrument is a Fischione Model 1061 SEM Mill, located in McCullough Building Room 101. It is a broad-beam argon ion milling and polishing system to produce high-quality, flat surfaces in either plan-view or cross-section orientations.


  • Two independently adjustable ion sources
    • 100 eV to 10 KeV
    • Beam current density up to 10 mA/cm2
    • Milling angle range of 0 to +10º
    • Choice of single or dual ion source operation
  • Sample size:
    • Cross section
      • Maximum 10 x 10 x 4 mm
      • Minimum 3 x 3 x 0.7 mm
    • Planar
      • Maximum 1.25 in. diameter x 1 in. height (32 x 25 mm)
      • These can be mounted using the same planar pin stub mounts as used on the Thermo Fisher/FEI SEMs in our facility
  • Automatic sample thickness sensing
  • 360º sample rotation with variable rotation speed
  • Sample rocking
  • Sample cooling (liquid nitrogen) with automated temperature interlocks
    • Extended dewar capacity (18+ hours of cryo conditions)
    • Integrated heater to maintain specific temperature between ambient and cryogenic
  • Vacuum transfer vessel
  • 525X microscope and CMOS camera for image acquisition, display, and end pointing

Contact Information

Richard Chin
office: (650) 723-8142

Juliet Jamtgaard
office: (650) 726-1256

Lab Room:
McCullough 101

Getting Started and Training Information

In order to become a qualified user on the Fischione Model 1061 SEM Mill, you need to follow each of these steps in the order as listed here:

  1. Complete the process to become a lab member of SNSF and follow the instructions to activate a Badger account.
  2. Subscribe to by going to the Stanford mailing list tools and request subscription to sem-mill-1061. (Note: it is not searchable on the public lists).
  3. Respond to the training announcements that are regularly posted to that list. If necessary, send an email to Rich Chin to request a new training be created.
  4. Complete a supervised session.

Further inquiries may be directed to Rich Chin.