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Asher: March Instruments PX-250 Plasma Asher

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The March Instruments PX-250 Plasma Asher is used to treat samples with an oxygen plasma for various purposes, such as “descumming” (removing invisible layers of organic residue), etching away visible organic films, and for chemically modifying the surface of materials such as PDMS and glass to allow for better adhesion, or to change the surface’s hydrophobic/hydrophilic properties. It can also be used for general cleaning, such as to clean invisible hydrocarbon films that may have condensed onto a brand-new wafer out of the box prior to further processing. 

It is a pretty simple machine to learn to use, with fully automatic operation once you go through a simple programming procedure. 

Contact Information

Tom Carver
650 723-1861

Getting Started and Training Information

In order to become a qualified user of the Plasma Asher, you need to follow each of these steps in the order as listed here:

  1. Complete the process to become a lab member of SNSF and follow the instructions to activate a Badger account.
  2. Complete the process to become a Flexible Cleanroom user.
  3. Review the SOP and watch the training video.