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Operations During COVID-19

Research Examples

Quantum Dot Nanoparticle Sizing 

Dynamic light scattering
Sizing of the QD nanoparticles was achieved by using the SMF Brookhaven 90 plus Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) nanosizer. Source: Y. Xing, et al., Biochem. & Biophys. Res. Com. 372 (2008)


Thermal Transition Temperature Measurement

table 1
Thermal transitions of various extruded polymeric films were measured using the SMF differential scanning calorimeter (DSC). Source: Q. Liao, et al., Polymeric S&E (2012) DIO:10.1002/pen.23087


Monolayer Self Assembly

monolayer self-assembly
Monolayer Self-Assembly: The SMF Langmuir–Blodgett trough was used to fabricate monolayers of nanospheres on 4 inch quartz wafers. Source: Hsu, et al. Adv. Energy Mater.  (2012)