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TEM Lab Specimen Holders

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The Tecnai and Titan TEMs both have a single- and double-tilt holder (from FEI Company) which are used on a routine basis. The two TEMs also share the following specialized TEM specimen holders for in situ analysis:
Heating Holders

  • Gatan 652 double-tilt furnace-based Inconel heating holder (maximum temperature 700°C)
  • DensSolutions double-tilt MEMS-based heating holder with closed-loop temperature feedback control  (maximum temperature 1300°C)
  • Protochips Aduro 500 double-tilt MEMS-based heating and electrical biasing holder (maximum temperature 1100°C, voltage ± 55V) – Acquired with support from the Mericos Foundation

Cooling Holder

  • Gatan 636 double-tilt liquid nitrogen cooling holder (-170°C to +100°C)

Gas Cell Holder

  • DensSolutions Climate 3+ (max pressure = 1 atm, maximum temperature 800°C) – Acquired under DensSolutions Excellence Center for Electron Microscopy (DECEM) collaboration

Liquid Cell Holder

  • Hummingbird Scientific liquid cell TEM holder with electrical biasing

Tomography Holder

  • Fischione 2040 dual axis tomography holder (±70° tilt range)

Getting Started

Some of these holders require the use of specialized chips and specimen preparation methods.  Please contact for guidelines on holder selection, training and access.