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EBL: Raith EBPG 5200+ Electron Beam Lithography System

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Electron beam lithography uses a finely focused beam of electrons to define patterns onto a polymer-coated wafer. This "resist" pattern can then be used as a stencil to define metal lines or as a protective mask to etch features into a semiconductor wafer.

The Nanopatterning Cleanroom is home to two EBPG 5200+ EBL systems. They are equipped with stable thermal field emission electron sources, running at 100 keV accelerating voltage. Both tools have been upgraded to the 1 mm field size and the 125 Mega-Hertz deflection system. The two-holder airlock is capable of loading small chips to 200 mm (8 inch) diameter substrates onto the laser-interferometer stage. Both tools have the same performance and are therefore interchangeable. Upcoming nano-device research will include: nano-apertures for near-field optics, photonic crystals, novel laser structures, quantum devices to study transport in compound semiconductors, nano-CMOS, nano-magnetic memory, and x-ray zone plates.

Contact Information
Rich Tiberio
Stanley Lin

Getting Started and Training Information

Please see the Getting Started and Training Information section on the EBL webpage to become a qualified user of the Raith EBPG 5200+ systems.