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SNSF COVID-19 Policies

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Overview and Getting Started

Last updated: 4-April-2022

Stanford University follows a staged plan to resume research activity.  Please refer to the COVID-19 Research Restart Plan for details.

The following policies are in effect in addition to the regular SNSF policies. All SNSF members accessing SNSF will need to review, acknowledge and adhere to our SNSF COVID-19 Policies.

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Health & Hygiene

Last updated: 4-April-2022

  • Complete EHS-2470-WEB before conducting work at SNSF: Axess STARS EHS-2470-WEB.
  • SNSF is a large shared lab facility with around 1,200 researchers per year. Every SNSF member shares the responsibility for each member’s well-being and safety.
  • State, County and Stanford's Guidance on Health and Hygiene must be followed.
    • Do not come to work if sick.
    • Self-monitor for signs and symptoms according to Stanford's Guidance on Health.
  • Stanford employees and students who are not fully vaccinated must:
    • Continue to test with Color weekly
    • Continue to submit Health Check daily
  • Stanford employees, students and visitors may not come to campus or enter campus buildings if they feel unwell or exhibit signs or symptoms of COVID-19.
    • Daily consideration of COVID-19 symptoms is recommended. Please refer to CDC symptom list.  While neither submission of an attestation nor verbal attestation is necessary, signage reminding people of the policy restricting access for those feeling unwell or exhibiting symptoms may be placed at key entry points around campus
  • All persons coming to campus or entering campus buildings must follow Stanford’s traveler policies.
  • Stanford community members and invited visitors who test positive for COVID-19 within 10 days of visiting campus and entering a campus building MUST notify the university.

Instrument Cleaning Protocols

The following Instrument Cleaning Protocols are to be executed before and after each usage of SNSF instruments.

Building and Facility Access

Last updated: 28-June-2021

  • Access to SNSF spaces is by card key only. Entry without a working card key is not permitted. 
  • Only trained and qualified users may access SNSF resources.  If you were trained and qualified on an instrument, check with the tool manager about procedures for card key access to the building and individual labs

Space Occupancy

Last updated: 28-June-2021

  • SNSF lifted all occupancy limits based on the updated University guidelines.


Last updated: 28-June-2021

SNSF started supporting  in-person training within SNSF labs. Implementation of training procedures is guided by the University policy on In-person training at Shared Facilities.

What to expect:

  • Many of our staff members have changed training procedures significantly in response to the new normal brought to us by the COVID-19 pandemic. Please check on the instrument pages about online training modules that have been added and how to get trained on the instruments.
  • Some in-person trainings are conducted in groups and staff members may temporarily follow University guidance for additional face coverings during instructional activities.