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EBL: Raith VOYAGER Electron Beam Lithography System

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The goal of the Nanopatterning Cleanroom is to provide researchers access to a state-of-the-art facility to meet their nano-scale fabrication challenges. Therefore, e-beam lithography is at the heart of our nanopatterning user facility as the technology provides versatile, effective and economic solutions. The VOYAGER is the latest addition to our suite of EBL systems.

The Raith VOYAGER lithography system uses a field emission electron source, with a variable 10–50 keV acceleration potential, a 50 Mega-Hertz deflection system with real-time dynamic corrections and single stage electrostatic deflection to define single line patterns in resist as small as 8 nm. The laser-controlled stage is capable of loading <1 cm square compound semiconductor chips, up to 200 mm (8 inch) diameter silicon substrates.

Special capabilities of the VOYAGER include Fixed-Beam-Moving-Stage mode for continuous stitching-error-free writing for centimeter(s) long features. Similarly, the Modulated-Beam-Moving-Stage mode allows periodic structures to be continuously written while avoiding stitching boundaries in a single axis up to 15 centimeters. The VOYAGER can also function as a CDSEM inspection tool with both ETD and BSE detectors.

Contact Information
Rich Tiberio
Stanley Lin

Getting Started and Training Information

Please see the Getting Started and Training Information section on the EBL webpage to become a qualified user of the Raith VOYAGER system.