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VPDoR recently conducted a space study and recommended to the budget group a program to expand SNSF capabilities within End Station 3 (ES3). The project received funding starting FY23 with the goal to enhance the ES3 building. The project will be General Use Permit (GUP) neutral.

To transform End Station 3 into a cutting edge multi-disciplinary research and education hub focused on nanoscale characterization at the Stanford Nano Shared Facilities

Stanford Nano Shared Facilities under the Vice Provost and Dean of Research 

The End Station 3 project will realize a new and reimagined space in the current End Station 3 that integrates shared facilities, collaborative and specialty faculty research space and educational instruction infrastructure. The co-location of research and educational spaces, combined with new educational initiatives, will expand laboratory and research experiences to a broader population of undergraduate students, graduate students and other Stanford researchers.   

When completed, the End Station 3 project will accomplish the following goals:

  • To support new research directions and new centers at Stanford by expanding advanced instrumentation capabilities via individual high-performance tools and clusters of tools for nanoscale characterization.
  • To provide educational space for facilities-based and laboratory course-based training and instruction
  • To showcase cutting edge scientific research at Stanford for student and faculty recruitment and development

These goals align well with the long-range vision comprised of the following priorities: (i) catalyzing discovery in every field, (ii) sustaining life on earth and (iii) accelerating solutions for humanity. Beyond enabling advanced research that “catalyzes” discovery in science and engineering, the new facilities will facilitate research through accelerators and partners external to Stanford and coordinate with the new School of Sustainability. 

The following lists various links for the community to engage.  Please check back here frequently for updates. Note that access to certain documents requires authentication through SU.