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VPDoR recently conducted a space study and recommended to the budget group a program to expand SNSF capabilities within End Station 3 (ES3). The project received funding starting FY23 with the goal to enhance the ES3 building by developing adequate modular research space as well as introduce daylight and creating a “front door” experience to the shared facility. The project will be General Use Permit (GUP) neutral.

SNSF is planning to submit an expansion plan roadmap to the design team September 1, 2022. The plan would identify expansion into new research areas as well as expansion of oversubscribed areas to serve the research community. We seek to solicit input from all stakeholders through individual, group and town-hall style meetings, surveys, etc. to help us formulate the expansion plan.

The following shows a draft overview of the summer scoping phase:


The following lists various links for the community to engage.  Please check back here frequently for updates. Note that access to certain documents requires authentication through SU.