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The Nanopatterning Cleanroom has licenses to three of GenISys's software packages: BEAMER, TRACER, and ProSEM. Integrating the three software in electron beam lithography process development provides unparalleled efficiency, ease of use, and optimal value for advanced nano-patterning technologies.

BEAMER is heavily used in data preparation prior to EBL exposure; by combining powerful layout operation, comprehensive proximity & process correction, superior curved fracturing and field positioning control, BEAMER enables a wide-range of demanding applications and pushes the limits of nanofabrication processing. Some key features of BEAMER include optimized shot placement and fracturing, adjusted write field placement, custom writing order, proximity effect correction (PEC), and EBL simulation.

TRACER is a Monte Carlo simulator that computes the electron-solid interaction of any arbitrary material stack and performs advanced process calibration for electron beam PEC. The simulated point spread functions (PSF) can be input into BEAMER to provide full process correction for the electron scattering beam size (or beam blur) and subsequent process effects, including collateral effects from resist development and pattern transfer.

ProSEM is an advanced SEM metrology and automation package for monitoring of micro and nanostructures, process calibration and lithographic patterns. ProSEM provides automated and repeatable measurement of SEM images utilizing automatic edge detection and feature fitting to generate multiple measurements and statistical data sets, as well as other analysis options like line edge roughness (LER) and power spectral density (PSD).

Contact Information
Rich Tiberio
Stanley Lin

Getting Started and Training Information

In order to get access to any of the GenISys software, you need to follow each of these steps in the order as listed here:

  1. Complete the process to become a lab member of SNSF and follow the instructions to activate a Badger account.
  2. Complete the process to become a Nanopatterning Cleanroom user.

The GenISys software are hosted on our virtual server which can be accessed from anywhere through RDP, including the lab computers in the cleanroom. No separate training is required to use them, but you will only be qualified on BEAMER and TRACER during an EBL training and ProSEM during an SEM training. However, if you would like a dedicated training on or want further assistance with how to use any of the three software packages, please contact