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Operations During COVID-19

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How do I obtain Building/Lab Access?
    • Please contact the Lab manager, he/she will coordinate with the building manager to grant you access to building and lab, which include after-hour and weekend access.
  2. Whom should I contact for Lab training?
    • Training on equipment or facilities is performed through our staff. You will find detailed instructions for each on the respective equipment website. Make sure that you follow all instructions in order.
  3. I am already an authorized user at the Soft & Hybrid Materials Facility (SMF). Can I access other tools under SNC and/or SNL? 
    • Yes, you may get trained and use any of the tools and resource listed under the SNSF umbrella organization.

    External Users

    1. My company/external institution already has an account established with SNSF. How can I join SNSF as a user under that account?
      • In order to join an existing SNSF group, send an email to the account owner or PI and cc requesting their approval to be added to the account. 
      • Once approval has been granted you can proceed with step at 3.1 User: Account Request.
        • This will allow your SUNet ID to be sponsored, which is necessary to complete the mandatory online safety training.
    2. How long does the process take to set up an SNSF account?
      • The whole process to establish an SNSF account typically takes 15 business days when documents are submitted in a timely fashion.
    3. Our company/other external organization already has an agreement in place and a financial account set up. Can I add another user to this and have him/her use the lab?
      • Yes. Just complete another "Exhibit A" from the agreement and return to us for processing.
    4. What is the minimum retainer fee required to join SNSF?
    5. What address does the blanket PO have to be addressed to?
      • Please refer to the instructions here.
    6. What are the fees to use the SNSF facilities?
      • The fees can be found on our rates sheet. In addition to the hourly rates and/or daily charge for our instruments, there is an associated indirect cost (IDC).
    7. What is a SUNet ID and why do I need to create one?
      • SUNet ID is a unique 3-8 character account name that identifies you as a member of the Stanford community.
      • The SUNet ID is needed to access the mandatory online safety training.
      • Please note that our SUNet ID sponsorship only grants you access to the Stanford network resources and does NOT support any email service. Therefore is not a valid email address.
    8. I was just sponsored for my SUNet ID; why doesn’t it work?
      • After creating your SUNet ID, it may take up to 24 hours for the SUNet ID login credentials to propagate through the relevant Stanford system to become active.
    9. Can I use my building access card to gain access to the SNSF labs as an SNSF external user?
      • Once you have received your ID card, you need to contact your lab manager so that they can place the appropriate equipment and building access onto your card.
    10. Can I use my building access card I received from SNF to access SNSF?
      • Yes, you can use the same building access card you received from SNF. Just give your SNSF lab manager the number located on the front of the card so that they can place the appropriate equipment and building access onto your card. In addition, email your building access card number so that the records can be updated with your account information.
    11. I have an SNSF Badger account: can I use my SNSF Badger account at SNF?
      • No, you will need to open a separate SNF Badger account in addition to your existing SNSF Badger account.
    12. Where can I find my account and user details?
      • Account and user details can be found on the tracking sheet which will be shared with you after the agreement is signed.
    13. Can I unsubscribe from the NanoUser mailing list while being an SNSF user?
      • No, all SNSF users are required to be a part of the NanoUser mailing list. The mailing list is used to communicate to our users regarding policy updates, equipment information, etc. Once your SNSF user account is closed, we will remove your name from the NanoUser mailing list.