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Internal Users

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Joining SNSF

The following applies to all Stanford employees (students, staff and faculty) as well as SLAC employees. Join as an external user if you are not in this category.

  1. Identify the tool(s) that you will be using. If necessary, send us an email to discuss your research project and determine if the tool(s) and processes can give the desired results.
  2. Complete the SNSF - Access Authorization Form
  3. Wait for approval and further instructions on how to finish setting up your account. Note that we have a large number of requests.  If you don't receive approval within 5 business days, and ensure that the PI/FA received and approved the form they were routed before you contact us about the status of your application.
  4. After you have completed the account setup and have a valid SNSF Badger lab management account, you can follow the training procedures as outlined for each tool on our website.


PTA Changes for Internal Users

If you need to replace, add, reactivate, or extend the PTA on file for your account:

Fill out the SNSF - Access Authorization Form and select the appropriate option. Wait for approval after submitting the form. You will receive an email when your PTA on file has been updated.