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We use mailing lists to keep our users informed about equipment status as well as other topics relating to the use of the Shared Facilities. If you are an authorized user on an instrument, you should be subscribed to the corresponding mailing list. All lists are handled through the Stanford Mailman services.

To subscribe, send email to




Mailing List Purpose
nanoadmin SNSF user support: Internal users 
nano-admin-external SNSF user support: External users; External account management
nano-admin-hr SNSF HR
nanoafinance SNSF Finance


Mailing List Instrument
jeolusers EBL: JEOL 6300-FS
nano-raith-users EBL: Raith VOYAGER
nova-users EBL/SEM: FEI Nova
nova_nabity_users EBL/SEM: FEI Nova (Nabity System)
kjl-evaporator Deposition: KJL Evaporator
snc_ionmill Etch: Intlvac Ion Mill
nano-oxford-npc Etch: Oxford PlasmaPro 80 RIE
nano-keyence Microscopy: Keyence VK Laser Scanning Confocal
nano-snpcleanroom Nanopatterning Cleanroom
nano-fcr-users Flexible Cleanroom
wirebonder-users Westbond Wire Bonder
nano-3dprinter 3D Printer

Electron & Ion Microscopy

Mailing List Instrument
apreo-users SEM: TFS Apreo
magellan-users SEM: FEI Magellan
helios-users SEM/FIB: FEI Helios 600i
sem-mill-1061 SEM: Fischione Model 1061 Ion Mill
tecnai_users TEM: FEI Tecnai
titan_users TEM: FEI Titan


X-ray & Surface Analysis

Mailing List Instrument
nano-xrdlab List containing user lists of XRD instruments
nano-xrd-xpert XRD: X'Pert 1/2
nano-xrd-laue XRD: Laue
nano-xrd-singlecrystal XRD: Bruker Single Crystal D8 Venture
x-ray_microscopy XCT: Zeiss Xradia Versa 520 X-ray CT
lam-aes_users Auger: PHI 700
lam-xps_users XPS: PHI Versaprobe 3
XPS: PHI Versaprobe 4
nanosimsusers SIMS: Cameca NanoSIMS 50l
xe-70_users SPM: Park XE-70
SPM: Park XE-100
raman-users SPM: Horiba Labram Raman
Spectroscopy: Horiba XploRA+ Confocal Raman

Soft & Hybrid Materials

Mailing List Instrument
smf-contactangle Contact Angle Goniometer: Rame-Hart 290
smf-dls-users DLS: Brookhaven Instrument Nanobrook Omni
smf-dma-users DMA: TA Instrument Q800
smf-dsc-users DSC: TA Instrument Q2000
smf-ellipsometer Ellipsometer: Horiba UVISEL
smf-gpc-users HT-GPC: Tosho High-temperature EcoSEC
smf-lbtrough LB Trough: Biolin Scientific KSV 5000
smf-instron Mechanical Testing: Instron 5565
smf-microscope Microscopy: Nikon LV100
smf-plasmacleaner  Oxygen Plasma Cleaner Gala Prep 5
smfbetuserlist Particle Analysis: Gas sorption Quantachrome Autosorb iQ3
smf-profilometer Profilometer: Bruker DektakXT
smf-rheometer Rheometer: TA Instrument ARES-G2
smf-uv-vis-ir-users Spectroscopy: Agilent Cary 6000i UV/Vis/NIR
smf-fluorometer Spectroscopy: Horiba FluoroLog
raman-users Spectroscopy: Horiba XploRA+ Confocal Raman
SPM: Horiba Labram Raman
smf-ftir-users Spectroscopy: Nicolet iS50 FT/IR Spectrometer
smf-parkafm SPM: Park NX-10
smf-tgausers TGA: TA Instrument Q500
smf-biacore SPR: GE Biacore X100 Surface Plasmon Resonance
smf-qcm-users QCM: Biolin Q-Sense Quartz Crystal Microbalance

Instrument Staff Lists

The following lists are not open to subscription by labmembers but you may click on the link to contact the staff members subscribed to the instrument mailing list.

Mailing List Instrument Staff
nano-snpcleanroom-staff Nanopatterning Cleanroom
nano-ebeam-staff EBL: JEOL 6300-FS
EBL: Raith Voyager
nano-nova-staff EBL:/SEM: FEI Nova
kjl-evaporator-staff Deposition: KJL Evaporator
nano-oxfordstaff Etch: Oxford PlasmaPro 80 RIE
nano-ionmill-staff Etch: Intlvac Ion Mill
nano-keyence-staff Microscopy: Keyence VK-X Series 3D Laser Scanning Confocal
nano-wirebonder-staff Westbond Wire Bonder
nano-3dprinterstaff 3D Printer
nano-temstaff TEM: FEI Tecnai
TEM: FEI Titan
samplecoat SEM: Sample Coating Service
nano-nanosims-staff SIMS: Cameca NanoSIMS 50l
nano-spmstaff SPM: Park XE-70
SPM: Park XE-100
nano-ramanstaff SPM: Horiba Labram Raman