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SEM: Sample Coating Service

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For Au/Pd (60:40 ratio) coating on your samples, please do the following:

  1. Bring your mounted sample(s) in a case (labeled with your contact info, any non-standard parameters, and the time of your scheduled microscope session) to either: 
    • The drop-off drawer in Spilker 008, which is the top-left drawer of the counter facing the Apreo lab. It is marked inside with the left side for drop-off and the right side for pick-up.
    • The Sample Mounting Lab in McCullough 101. The overhead cabinet above the coater is labeled with one side where you will drop off your sample (“Samples to be coated”), and the other for where we will place the coated samples.
  2. Email “” to let us know that you have dropped off your sample(s) - similarly indicate when your microscope session will be. Please remember that we may not be able to get to it immediately, so last-second requests will be difficult.
  3. When we are finished coating, we will put it back in the drop-off drawer in Spilker 008 or the “Coated samples” side of the cabinet in McCullough 101 and you can pick it up.